Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Good for the Brain" December 12, 2011

This week we had another baptism. It went really well, but she said that she is sick and didn't want to be baptized in cold water because it would make her more sick. So my Comp and I went early to heat up the water. There is no hot water in the church, so we used our water heater that we use for our shower water. Its a little device made out of PVC pipes and it has a cord. First, you put it in the water and then you plug it into the wall and wait about 15 min and it gets a big tub of water boiling. the problem was, we didn't have a long enough cord to put it in the font so we ended up heating a bunch of buckets of water and throwing it in the font.
Remember the couple that I talked about in the letter last week that we ran into on the street and the girl was a member? Well we went to go teach her friend yesterday and he was home with all of his family. We taught him, his brother, sister, cousin and his mom the message of the Restoration of the Church and everything. They all said they wanted to pray and are willing and open to receiving an answer. None of them go to Church and they all accepted a baptismal date for the 14th of January. It was awesome!
Also this week, we ran into a member that owns a Pulperia (small store on the street where they sell chips and stuff) and she offered us Turtle Eggs. She said that she bought them from a guy that brings them from the beach. They're supposed to be good for the brain. So my companion and I accepted and we went inside to eat them. The catch was that you can't chew the egg or else you automatically throw up. So the way you eat turtle eggs is you get a cup of drink that you like (I used Orange Juice) and you pour the egg in there. The contents of the egg are one big ball of slimy yolk. It was interesting eating it or drinking it, however you want to say it. But I got it down!

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