Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"The Taller you are, the Older you are" February 20, 2012

We had a bit of a different week this week. We first received a call from our Zone Leaders Tuesday afternoon saying that we had to be in Tegucigalpa the next morning at 8 am for a Workshop with the Trainers and Trainees. This only meant one thing...no sleep! I was a little skeptical about leaving and trying to catch a taxi out to the main Freeway to catch a bus to Tegus (pronounced Tay-Goose) at 4 in the morning. I asked my Zone Leaders if there were taxis that early and they said there was. Well, to my surprise, there was 1...but when we came up to take it they said no, because they wanted to sleep. So we were walking around looking for a way to get out to the freeway, but there was nothing that would get us out there on time. We ended up making it to Tegus at 9, but to my surprise there was no one there! I was a little frustrated because I didn't know where everyone was. So we went out to grab us some breakfast at Burger King and found everyone there. They said the meeting had been moved to 10. On the bus home, we were talking to some people and they thought I was 40 years old! I couldn't believe it! I explained that I was only 19 and they didn't believe me. They said the taller you are, the older you are. Man, I don't know what they taught these people in school.
Our investigators are doing good. They are surprised at how much we actually care about them and listen to them whenever we talk with them. We are now officially working on marriage papers for a couple who what to get baptized. We also have 3 other investigators who are progressing nicely and are coming to know the truth in the Gospel we bring. I'm thankful for the power the Lord has blessed me with the ability to speak the language here smoothly and close to fluent. After every lesson I always think to myself, "Wow did I just say all of that?" I have learned to calm down and just speak and it all comes out perfect. The ability I have is only possible through Gods will.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"I felt like I was in a Drag Race!" February 13, 2012

This week has been a busy one. We found out Tuesday night that the other missionaries that we shared the area with were taken out. Instead of putting more missionaries in (as usual) President Hernández decided to keep just us two here. This is the 1st time in a long time (years) that there has only been 1 pair of missionaries here. Oh man, we were so busy with the members and references and investigators that the other Elders had left behind. It felt so good to have something to do once again! Before, we had already contacted the whole area and weren't going anywhere. We have been in contact with the members more, since we now have the whole Nacaome Valle to ourselves. All of the Investigators that we have right now are references and friends to members. We have a couple that are really positive and are wanting to get married and baptized. They are doing excellent and look forward to coming to church every week. This week, we also were rounded up by the branch president's wife to sing in the choir for the branch conference last Sunday. Oh man, she must have been desperate if she had to ask me and my compañero to sing. We were the first men to be a part of it, but once the other members saw us, the teenaged guys started to come.
Oh yeah! On Saturday we went with a member to put a new light fixture in an other members house. When we showed up, she wasnt there, just her son. He was in the main room with two cords hooked up to his motorcycle coming from the outlet in the wall. When we asked what he was doing, he asked us if we knew how to start a motorcycle without they keys. Out of all the people, my kid, Elder Garcia said he did. Wow! Shocking! He jumped over there and started cutting cords and messing with some stuff from under inside and kicked it to life. The member and I were standing back, staring in awe at how fast he got that thing on. So he took off and we waited outside on the steps of the house waiting for the member to come. When she came up, the first thing she said was, "Who was the one that got his motorcycle running?!" My companion replied (hesitantly) and she told us that she had taken the keys away from him to ground him for his grades. Haha my comp apologized and we explained the situation on how we didnt know he was grounded. I later asked Elder Garcia how he knew how to start a motorcycle without the keys. I found out that he had worked in a workshop with only motorcycles and he learned in there. He can start almost any bike with out keys. I Want One!
Today I had the craziest bus ride of my life. We went to Choluteca, down south, for a multizone activity and the roads down there are flat and have long straightaways. So the buses always compete with each other and have races to go and get to the bus stops first, to get more passengers. I felt like I was in a drag race! We sat down and then the bus took off and wove in and out of traffic to get ahead of the bus in front. It was so funny watching the face of the other bus driver when we first passed. They were weaving and honking and yelling at each other the whole time...that didnt help with car sickness at all, but it was still enjoyable.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"The Girlfriend to the Sun" February 6, 2012

Ok, this week has been ridiculously slow. We have tried everything we can to find people to teach, but nothing seems to work. For example, We have talked to the leaders and members of the branch here, but they don't have anything. I was told that they were the best at giving a ton of references, oh well. Any way, we have been talking to everyone, but they usually run or close the door when they see us pass by. I feel like I'm back in the States, because its so hard here. The heat here is incredibly strong. The people here usually joke around and say that the devil walks these streets from 12-3 in the afternoon because its so hot. At first, I didn't really catch why they call this place "the girlfriend to the sun"... but to my demise, I now know. Training is going good, its just hard for my new companion because nobody is letting us in to teach. But, you know me, I always look for something to do to have fun.