Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 25, 2011

Bueñas Tardes!
This week has been alright, I've just been teaching a bunch of lessons this week to new "investigators". So far I have one that finally realized that she wanted to be baptized. So that's all that I can think of that's new. My time is coming up fast, its almost time to leave the MTC and get out into the field! I get nervous thinking about it, but also excited. Oh yeah, well I have had a bottle of cookies and cream milk sitting on my desk for about 6 days and when we walked into our room Sunday, we smelt something terrible. It was so bad that I started to gag a bit, and I never gag! To my surprise I found that the milk bottle had exploded out of the top of the bottle and slopped thick nasty old milk everywhere. On my desk, in one of my shoes and splatters on my bed. I looked up and there was a huge spot on the ceiling! It had built up so much pressure, it had blasted onto the ceiling. Of course everyone in the hallway had to come and see it. I cleaned it up that night, but it was disgusting. One of my roommates was in the bathroom almost throwing up, hahaha it was funny. I was laughing the whole time that I was cleaning it, but my roommates didn't think it was too funny. They kept on saying it was my fault, but I would politely decline and say it was the work of Science!! that's my story for the week.
Well family, I hope every things going good, thanks for the package. And thank you Chloe and Max for the pictures! Chloe; your picture is really good! your drawings are really good. Max; I like the picture, you really do look like a zombie. and I like the x-wing t-shirt and Luke with the huge light saber. They are both hanging up in my room by my desk.
Sorry that I don't have much to say. The Spanish is coming in fine, my teachers are both great. Devotionals and firesides are awesome. We're supposed to have someone from the first presidency or 12 come speak soon, so I'm excited about that. Gym is fun, I mostly play Volleyball. oh and Jacquie sent me a letter and said that you are doing a great job on keeping my Blog updated and that it looks good. Thanks Mom! I have to go, I'll write back next Thursday.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 18, 2011

Hey family
Thanks for the package! Its nice not wearing the same 3 shirts to gym, p-day, and to do our service. The redvines were a hit with me and Elder Lewis, we were eating them all through our study and class time. It turns out that we are the only ones that love to munch on them. Every night he and I grab a hotpocket, cactus cooler and now our redvines and eat them in his room. Its been another uneventful week here at the MTC. I've been released from District Leader, they switch them every 3-4 weeks in our zone. My friend Elder Lewis is the new one. Yeah nothing new really, we had 16 Elders in our zone all sent out on Tuesday so its a lot more quiet and calm by the classes and in the residence halls.  I see Elder Fox around alot, we have class in the same building. Elder Despain left for Alabama on Tuesday so he's out in the field now. I'm now halfway through the MTC!
Mom- The redvines were awesome thanks! Keep the care packages coming!
Dad- Yes, I have received your 2 letters. thanks for them and the advice about investigators. I left my notes in my room, ill send you the names and positions of who has spoken at our devotionals and Firesides next week.
Jack- Hey congrats bro on getting called up to Varsity. keep on working hard and knock over/block anyone in your path. I've roughed you up, you can take anything they throw at you. If they look tough, they really aren't, just hit them harder. Look at everyone as if they were the same age as you and you wont be as nervous or intimidated by anyone. Do Work!
Chloe- Are you ready for 1st grade?! You'll have fun.
Max- I like your goggles big tuna! You look cool in them.
Zorro? - You are a knot head. If I were there I would beat you up and wrestle you if you brought those rats in my room.
Love Ya,

Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 11, 2011

Mi Familia,
I received your cookies yesterday, thanks alot! there are so much in there, I took them up and shared with my district last night but i still have a ton left. I got some pictures developed onto a CD for you so i will try to send those to you. There are some pics that are random and you might think are weird but don't worry I'm not wasting anytime here! This last week has been pretty boring and nothing much has happened. One of my teachers left because she got a job at BYU as a counselor. We got a new one, she served in Spain and we are her first district that she has taught. We'll see how things go. People in Spain speak Spanish with a reeeeeaaalllly annoying lisp. instead of saying gracias, she says grathias. They use it on any soft "C's " or on any Z on Spanish words. Tell Kevin that I have TRC at 10 am every Wednesday. That would be awesome if I ran into him here and he could hear my awful Spanish ha ha. I have run into all of my friends/ roommates that are in the MTC right now. I see Daniel Fox and Nathan everywhere. and I also see my two roommates Kenyan and Tyler from somerset occasionally. Now we're waiting for Christian to come in. Tell Jack that I'm glad I got a letter from him and I'm glad that he's using his own bed still. He mentioned that there was more things wrong with the truck than dad thought? what happened? all he said was that dad was complaining about it, ha ha. Yeah 2 a days are tough but jack can do it.
I have been talking to my friend that's in Honduras Tegucigalpa, he's been sending me emails about it. He said that they have set a record in baptisms of 600? that's a ton. I don't know what the time span is but that's alot. Tell Chloe that I'm excited for her that she's going into 1st grade, she's going to be a big girl and play on the big kids playground now and be able to look at the map I painted for my Eagle Project and tell everyone her big brother painted that! Also tell Max that I think its cool that he's going into the Big Dogs class. Can you send me a picture in the mail of our family? I didn't pack one. And my friend Elder Lewis wants to see my truck, so could you find a good pic of that too please?  Thanks a ton mom, sorry nothing exciting hasn't happened this week. Keep any eye out for my CD I'm sending!
I miss and Love you guys.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 4, 2011

Mi familia!
Everything is going good. Things seem to be progressively getting harder every week. One of my teachers is insaine! After every class with him I always get nervous and freak out a little. I think its just him trying teach us through scaring us. We'll see how that works. Thanks for sending the care package! Its nice to have my vans shoes back on. I pulled the homemade salsa and chips out and all of a sudden our room became the party room. We basically had the whole district in the room snacking on it. They only ate about half of it because they couldn't scoop any more out of the jar! Now I have to grab a bowl from the cafeteria to pour my salsa in so I can snack in peace. I'm having a good time, Ive made friends in my zone that live on the same floor. Its fun to actually have relaxing time at night because my days are really busy. The Spanish is coming in slowly but we are having it shoved down our throats. I can't wait to get out of here, I'm getting tired of the schedule here, Its really stressful. Also can you ask other people to write me? It really helps when I receive a letter after a long day of working and stressing on teaching lessons.
We had a meeting with an investigator and me and my companion went up to the door and he started saying how he forgot that we were meeting today etc. and then I talked to him for a bit and asked if we can come by at another time but he closed the door in our faces and that was it. We went back to the class and and I guess everyone else had gotten in and talked to him for a bit. My companion had to tell everyone that we didn't get in and that it was all my fault...I was upset because I had to do all the talking since all he had to say was, "uhhhh... umm uhhh " he was fumbling everywhere. Gosh, then to tell everyone it was my fault. The nerve. Its OK I held my composure and kept calm. I thought we did a good job on talking with the two volunteers that we had talked to.
Oh yeah an Elder in my district was playing soccer and he sprained his ankle. that was on Monday. then on Wednesday he decided that he could play volleyball and he jumped up to block my spike and he ended up twisting his other ankle. I felt bad... until he started trash talking about blocking me. I let him think he had the block, only because he was the one with a sprained ankle. Just something to help him recuperate faster. Alright well I have to go, tell Max and Chloe that I'm surprised that they touched the deep end and that its cool. And Jack: keep on bulking up and knocking everyone down!
hasta lluego!