Sunday, June 23, 2013

Juan de Dios, "Juan of God" June 17, 2013

This  is the biggest mango I've ever seen!

We had transfers in the area!!! I received a new companion named elder Davis from Provo. Hes the exact opposite of what I had in mind of those from Provo, he definitely isn't one of the Peter Priesthood guys. We get along really well. On Friday we were buying a bag of water in the mini store and some guys came over and started bugging us for money. I told him that I couldn't give him money, but he could have my unopened bag of water. He looked at it and refused and kept of asking for money. We told him, "sorry we can't" and he got offended and started saying things about the missionaries and stuff. So after that little incident we turned the corner and I was a little frustrated how that guy only wanted money, even after I offered him water. I started to think, "Why can't we just find someone super excited to learn from us and be a disciple of Christ?!" Then, about a split second after that, a man pulled up on his bike in front of us and asked what church we were from. After talking to him for a bit we asked him his name and he said his name was Juan de Dios. A little "hallelujah" went off in my head and I sort of laughed at myself. "Juan of God"? He told us that he has been looking for a church to go to with his family. We asked him where he lived and he told us he lived in Los Robles, which is 45 min away walking distance. So we put an appointment to find him the next day before he left. We just stared at each other and smiled and knew it was going to be a great family.
So we headed out there the next day and he and his family were there waiting for us. There were 8 people that lived in that adobe house! we were shocked. So we started talking to them and turns out that Juan de Dios and his wife were baptized in the church 15 years ago! His family sort of lost contact with the church after having to move so many times. They have 6 children, one is 22, 15,14,13,10 and the smallest is 5. They started to tell us how grateful they were and that they wanted to get baptized. We went to pick them up on Sunday in the Bishops truck and they all went. Juan told us that when he saw us on Friday, he was about to give in on life. Someone had stolen his work truck and 10,000 Limpiras just before that and he was thinking of selling his house and packing up with his family again, but he saw us and had a really strong urge to talk to us. He recognize the Name Tags and new that we had the way to receive the blessings that he had before so that he could help his family.

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