Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 23, 2011

Hola familia! 
I'm doing good, the MTC is definitely a great place. I'm doing some laundry right now con mi companero Elder Folsom y mi districto. My teachers name is Hermana Keleman and she is doing a great job on teaching us Spanish. We have learned to say our prayers in Spanish already and its been 3 days. On Thursday night we all met with the Zone presidency and had interviews that night with the president. I was called back in and asked to be the District Leader! I'm excited for this opportunity. I have learned all of my Elder's names and talking to them all. We have 11 Elders in the district. My companero Elder Folsom is going to Tegucigalpa Honduras with me. My other roommates Elder Stults (from Cedar City) and Elder Ward (Spokane WA) are going to San Pedro Honduras. Elder Tihmmig (San Francisco) and Elder Wride (Salt Lake) are going to Barcelona Spain. Elder Lewis (Provo) and Elder Bookstaber (somewhere in CA) is going to Madrid Spain. Elder Mcluellen is going to Concepion Chile, Then you have Elder Ford and Elder Combe that are also going to Conception Chile also. So we are all somewhat in the same general direction.  Oh I've run into Elder Porter Urmston and Elder Nathan Despain on many occasions. I also see my old roommate Tyler from Somerset every now and then in the cafeteria. On Friday, me and Elder Wride (from my district) were talking and we ended up discovering that we were both friends with my friend Damon. It was crazy because we had heard stories about us both from Damon and finally met. Oh can you ask Jack to look in my texts on my phone and have him send me Damon's address? I forgot it. I'll get it faster if you send it in the mail because I can't check my email. It would be in the last text from him, Thanks! Its hard getting to sleep and waking up in the morning. I feel like I barely close my eyes and all 4 alarm clocks are blaring. The showers are warm now, but crowded. Don't worry I haven't caught Jack's Flu bug like everyone else has, I am doing fine. Also the food is good here too. I can only have one serving before I am full though, so that's good. Well my timer is running out for email so Ive got to go. I love and miss you all. tell Max, Chloe and Jack that i miss and love them. I'll write back next week!
-Love Cole

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