Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"The Girlfriend to the Sun" February 6, 2012

Ok, this week has been ridiculously slow. We have tried everything we can to find people to teach, but nothing seems to work. For example, We have talked to the leaders and members of the branch here, but they don't have anything. I was told that they were the best at giving a ton of references, oh well. Any way, we have been talking to everyone, but they usually run or close the door when they see us pass by. I feel like I'm back in the States, because its so hard here. The heat here is incredibly strong. The people here usually joke around and say that the devil walks these streets from 12-3 in the afternoon because its so hot. At first, I didn't really catch why they call this place "the girlfriend to the sun"... but to my demise, I now know. Training is going good, its just hard for my new companion because nobody is letting us in to teach. But, you know me, I always look for something to do to have fun.

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