Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"The Taller you are, the Older you are" February 20, 2012

We had a bit of a different week this week. We first received a call from our Zone Leaders Tuesday afternoon saying that we had to be in Tegucigalpa the next morning at 8 am for a Workshop with the Trainers and Trainees. This only meant one thing...no sleep! I was a little skeptical about leaving and trying to catch a taxi out to the main Freeway to catch a bus to Tegus (pronounced Tay-Goose) at 4 in the morning. I asked my Zone Leaders if there were taxis that early and they said there was. Well, to my surprise, there was 1...but when we came up to take it they said no, because they wanted to sleep. So we were walking around looking for a way to get out to the freeway, but there was nothing that would get us out there on time. We ended up making it to Tegus at 9, but to my surprise there was no one there! I was a little frustrated because I didn't know where everyone was. So we went out to grab us some breakfast at Burger King and found everyone there. They said the meeting had been moved to 10. On the bus home, we were talking to some people and they thought I was 40 years old! I couldn't believe it! I explained that I was only 19 and they didn't believe me. They said the taller you are, the older you are. Man, I don't know what they taught these people in school.
Our investigators are doing good. They are surprised at how much we actually care about them and listen to them whenever we talk with them. We are now officially working on marriage papers for a couple who what to get baptized. We also have 3 other investigators who are progressing nicely and are coming to know the truth in the Gospel we bring. I'm thankful for the power the Lord has blessed me with the ability to speak the language here smoothly and close to fluent. After every lesson I always think to myself, "Wow did I just say all of that?" I have learned to calm down and just speak and it all comes out perfect. The ability I have is only possible through Gods will.

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  1. LOVE this letter :) I am so happy for Cole and all that he is learning. How lucky for these people to get Cole in their lives!!