Monday, July 30, 2012

"Promptings" July 23, 2012

Jack Harding

I don't even know what to write. With the accident of Jack the only think I can think of is that the Lord is watching over our family. I am here in Office Depot in Tegucigalpa with tears coming down and my comp asking whats wrong. Its strange how our testimonies grow in so many different ways and how the spirit can guide us to actions. Thursday night, when I was saying my personal prayer, I had the desire to pray and ask for protection over Jack, Conner and Riley. I knew that they could be reckless and I felt a weird tension or fear that something would happen to Jack. I even had a dream that he had fallen off a mountain that night. In the morning, out of fear for his safety and of the family, I knelt down and prayed again. Friday night, we were at a Funeral Service for a member that had lost their grandfather. In the middle of the social and food part, I had the prompting to pray for the family, in general, that were at the ranch. I was wondering that night, why? Why was that prompting so faint, but yet it struck me to the soul that I should pray in that instant. I now know why. I am tearing up here and "crying" because I am recognizing to blessings that my Heavenly Father has for us/me. It was a miracle that it wasn't worse than it was, especially with the recent concussion he had. Its strange that my spiritual thought at our Zone baptism was about "The Gift of the Holy Ghost & Recognizing the Promptings of this gift". Live what you teach.
My mind is clouded right now thinking about Jack, but here are a couple notes I took through out the week to write to you.
This week was another long week. We have been working on and planning the wedding and baptism of our investigators for this Saturday. We are going to have a family of 6 that is going to be baptized!! Another family that is changing and coming unto the Lord! They are all really excited and ready. One of them will be a great leader in the church, I know it. His name is Wilmer and is 22 years old and I can just tell from the way he pays attention, reads and answers everything that he will be great.
On Thursday, we were waiting after our District Meeting in Zamorano for a bus to pass by to our area. While we where waiting, there was a family of "gringos" that were in the gas station waving to us. We started to wave back. When they started to leave, they drove by in front of us really slow and yelled out,"We Love You Elders!". There were about 3 girls and 1 boy in the back yelling it to us with the parents in front waving. It was so great to hear. It helped all of us get excited even more to get back to the Lord's Work.

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  1. The Spirit is amazing and it is no small miracle that Jack wasn't injured more seriously. I know that Cole's service and good works played a big part in that miracle. :)