Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Married, Baptized, & Confirmed" July 30, 2012

It definitely feels like a load has been taken off my shoulders after all of the marriage papers, wedding plans and baptism service we had this week. We had gone to Tegucigalpa last week to take out the "edictos" for the wedding. I guess they are optional if you want the whole wedding plan to go faster. We then found out that we have to wait until the next day to come back and pick them up. This was going to be a nightmare for us, because this only meant one thing...we had to have the office elders come pick it up. We were worried about this because the Office Elders were always running around or always busy and forget to do things that we ask of them. Luckily, they were able to get the papers to us.

On Thursday I went on divisions to Yuscaran again. It was funny to go up there again because all of the members know me and always ask the Elders, "When is Elder Jardín coming back?" Yeah so I went up there and did their baptismal interviews and helped them out with their investigators. There was something different about being on divisions. I soon found out what that was when I came back to my area. The weight all dropped back on me to get the wedding and baptism ready. There is nothing like the stress you get praying that your investigators will be ready Sunday morning to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost and then we would pass by in the morning to bring them to church, but they would be sick or sleeping. But this family was on the ball! They were all up, ready, showered and excited for church. It's families and times like this when you know the work we are doing is right.

Yep, so everything went well this week. The family was married, baptized and confirmed. The only sad part was that the 2 girls felt like they were not ready yet, so we have to work with them so that they feel prepared and excited for their baptisms too.

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