Thursday, November 8, 2012

"warm, bubbly...and disgusting!" November 5, 2012

Hey family just so you know... we only have 8 more fast Sundays until we get to see each other!! pretty soon after Christmas it ll be 6 more!

This week we didn't get back to our area until Wednesday night after our ZL consejo. We had bought an apple pie and whipped cream in Tegus before going home so we could at least celebrate Halloween in some way. It was really good, it made me "baggy" to want to eat it with the family!

We went up to our convert, Familia Amaya's house to go visit their son while he was working. He goes twice a day to milk the cows that he is in charge of. Its only two of them for all of the 30 cows that they have. We watched them and how they would do it. Every cow had its own name. When it was their turn, he would call them by their name. Some of the names were Mendoza, Pan Blanco, Carra Blanca and Regalo. So he would call out, "Mendoza Mendoza Mendoza!!" and it would come walking out of the crowd of them with its calf and stand by the fence to be milked. They're smart! I got to milk one, it was interesting. I even brought a cup with me so that I could try some fresh milk. I pulled it out and the guy shot it straight off the udder into the cup, It was really warm and bubbly...and disgusting. I don't think I will every drink a glass of milk again! EVER! Only in my cereal, that's all.

All of our investigators are doing fine and are ready for their baptisms this week! It'll be fun.

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  1. He should have had some hershey's syrup with him ;)