Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Wendy's, Pizza Hut and KFC!" November 19, 2012

After 6 months of being in the same area I finally had Transfers! I have decided to pack up and take my skills to South Beach...actually I was called to be in Choluteca East in the area Lìmon de la Cerca. Its so hot down here, I forgot how hot and dry the south is. I'm with Elder Ruiz from Mexico, he's cool I was hoping that I would get sent here. We are also in a trio, I thought that it would be terrible, but it turns out that it's with Elder Cuque from Guatemala. I know him from when I was in Sagastume, his area was next to ours. He's going home on Dec 19th so he's just going to stay with us for a month. Our house is really nice, we live in a gated community with a guard at nights (hes a young army guy who was converted 8months ago). We even have AC! Also something else that is nice about my area is that we just got a brand new building put in. Its huge! This is also my first ward that I have been in, usually they're branches. I'll be sure to send pics next week.

The only downer about the area is that I have to wash my clothes on a rock washboard. yeahh.... not really looking forward to it.

Oh by the way we have places to eat here! Wendy's Pizza Hut and KFC. Finally!

After this area I only have 1 more!

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