I don't know how but this week flew by fast but we had a ton of appointments and Investigators fall through. We've lost contact with a couple of them and the others aren't progressing. The good that come from this week was the fact that we had a baptism!! Our investigator, Isidro, was baptized and married this last weekend. He was married to a member and they have already made plans to go to the temple when he has a year of being a member. He's great, he has been eager to learn each of our appointments and is a fast learner, always wanting to learn more. We also contacted a referral from a member last Sunday and they are also looking positive. Its a complete family and they live right in front of the church. Its always the people that live closest to the church that are most interested in hearing from us.

They say that the summer has ended here and that we are moving into the winter and rainy season. Starting tomorrow they say that we will be having some storms...I hate getting my socks wet!