Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 8, 2011

Oh man!
My time in the MTC is limited! I'm supposed to leave on the 19th, so 1 week and 4 days left. I'm supposed to be getting my travel plans this weekend also. Everyone in my district is excited for that. I'll be sure to write home when I get them. Well, this week, I was able to be a New Missionary Host. My job was to welcome and greet new missionaries that were dropped off and go take them to their rooms and get their supplies and books and see them off to class. It was really fun, we tried to sign up to be a "Host", but they wouldn't let us unless they were short on them. Then during lunch yesterday, they announced that they needed more so my district and I ran up there to sign up. It took a while for the "nuevos" to show up, but they came pouring in all at once. It was sort of awkward standing there with the suitcases waiting for the final goodbyes and tears to be wiped away. One missionary jumped out of the car and his dad unpacked his suitcases and was in the car and they drove off and the mom stuck her head out the window and shouted "Have fun!" and they were gone! It was like watching a NASCAR pit stop, it all happened so fast. I was able to help two missionaries to go were they needed to. One Elder was headed to San Diego and he was all excited to be here and get to class. The second missionary was actually an Hermana and me and another Elder showed her to the Hermana hosts and they took over from there. She was headed to Poland. I've noticed here, they have a lot of Sisters going to Europe and a lot of Elders going to Latin America. I don't know what that's about. I have one more P day in the MTC, then I'm outta here! Next week is my last week. Oh yeah, I have been running into all of my friends that have come into the MTC. My dear pal Damon (Elder Chlarson), Blake (Elder Sampson), and David (Elder Morley). And of course Elder Fox and I always drop by and see whats new with each other since we have class in the same building. Its funny to think that I get to see all of my guy friends come into the MTC. Especially all of the ones from Bakersfield. We're trying to plan a day to meet up and take pictures. I would send some pictures, but the machine that reads my SD card has been broken all week. Hopefully they fix it next week so I can send all of theses new pictures home!
thank you for the package, I just received it today. I forgot what pringles and candy tasted like, its been awhile since I've had anything like it!  Thank you for everything, I always have you guys in my prayers. Hey Jack, felicidades (sorry, it was easier for me to say that than congratulations) on making varsity, that's awesome! You've got to keep that #62 going throughout your entire varsity years. It will be the same exact ones that I wore. You should buy the red jersey after your senior year, hahaha. Bueño Suerte! (good luck)

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