Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Cambios (changes)" January 30, 2012

Oh man, I don't even know where to begin! Alright, so I did end up
having changes this transfer. I got the phone call last Tuesday night
and they told me that I would be leaving tomorrow to go to the town
Nacaome. I automatically knew what that meant...This town is infamous
for its heat during the Semana Santa (first two weeks in April). I
then found out that I had to be at the Mission Home at 8 in the
morning. That only meant one thing... I was training! Oh man, when
they told me that I had been called to train, the first thing I said
was,"No, really. Who's my new companion?!" But sure enough, I have been
called to be a trainer, in Nacaome. To make things EVEN BETTER I was
going to be opening the area that I was going to. So now, I am
starting from scratch in this area and I'm training Elder Garcia from
Guatemala (he is now 1 of the 6 Garcia's in the mission). Everything
has gone good so far, we luckily share this town with 2 other Elders
and I have a ward I can work with. Its so hot down here right now,
that I cant wait for la semana santa...yeppi! Nah, it'll be fun, its a
calm little town. Its definitely bigger then my last area, and a lot
more flat. As nerdy as it sounds, the mission calls trainers Jedi
Masters. So therefore, I also have my padawan.

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