Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"15 Days Later!" March 6, 2012

Well, it's good to be able to write to you guys after a long week with no Internet! I couldn't believe it when we went looking for Internet every day last week so I could write. Good news is that it's now back up! So much has happened in these past two weeks. First off, I learned to use one of the old fashioned sewing machines. It may not be as exciting news as you may have thought, but it is a new skill I now have. We were teaching our investigator and after the lesson, she jumped on and was using the machine. I asked if she would teach me, so she did. This past week, my bike broke as we were riding across town to drop off our laundry. So we dropped my bike off at a member's house and made our way clear across town. We were running short on time to catch the bus, so my companion jumped on the back pegs of the bike and I had to pedal. We got so many weird looks riding down the main road with a giant man on a small bike and a small Latino on the back.

Last Sunday, we were sitting in our room studying when we received a call from our Branch President saying that there is a man looking for us. So we went outside and he ended up being a missionary from Guatemala that served here over 12 years ago! He introduced himself and we jumped in his car and he took us around to all of his old investigators that he taught 12 years ago. I was actually surprised that they all recognized him. We visited other inactive members that he had baptized and they said that we were the first Missionaries to visit them in over 12 years since he came last. The only problem is that they live 15 minutes outside of Nacaome and they don't want to spend the money on a taxi to go and come back for church on Sundays. We're currently trying to figure the situation out.

This week we had scheduled service to go and chop wood for a member. When we arrived I was thinking maybe a couple of logs that needed to be split. To my surprise, there was a tree lying there in the backyard waiting to be cut up! She said she only wanted a couple of pieces (BIG pieces) chopped that day. My companion wasn't too thrilled.

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