Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Feliz Dia de Padre" March 19, 2012

Feliz Dia de Padre! At least, down here it's fathers day. Well here we are, sweating and dying of heat here in Nacaome. Its so incredibly hot, I cant believe it. We have been working hard out here. We right now have 17 investigators and 1 complete family that we are working on getting married so they can be baptized. We have a lot of people that only have a mom and kids, its really sad to see. We have an investigator that has a 2 year old little girl and the father doesn't even know she exists because the father got up and left the mom. She is one of the strongest investigators that I have ever had. She is always excited for the appointments and we are even teaching her sister and her family. It has been a super busy week and has flown by. Well this Thursday was my first district meeting I had to teach as the new District Leader! Man was I nervous. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, mostly because we're all good friends in my district and were able to listen and help each other so we could make our baptism goal this month. As District Leader, it is also my job to go around in the different areas and do divisiones with the different companionship's and get to know their investigators. This week, I headed up to Langue and did divisiones with a fairly new Elder who is still in training. Elder Redd and I took on the day by teaching a small pueblo about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was so crazy! We also went around and I was able to meet alot of the church leaders up there. That night when we went back to their house there in Langue, the owner of their room had told us that he picked a bunch of fresh mangos and brought them to us. Oh man, they were so good. I had about 3 that night, I was so full. When we were getting ready for bed, we had the choice of sleeping in the hammocks or the bed (Langue is known for their hammocks). I of course chose to sleep in the hammock, but Elder Redd said that by 3 o'clock in the morning, It gets uncomfortable and that I would end up switching to laying down the bed. The night started out fantastic, I was out. That is...until 2:56am. I woke up and i couldn't got back to sleep, so I hopped in my bed.

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