Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"It tasted like Chicken" March 27, 2012

Well, these past two months have been flying by. This week for P-Day, we went to San Lorenzo to play fútbol at the church there. During the game, the Sisters filled up a bunch of water balloons and we all had a water war. It felt great in the scorching heat. We then went after to eat as a Zone and went back to our areas. Saturday morning, I went back up to Langue to do a Baptism Interview for them. When we were done and waiting for a bus, a police truck passed by and called us over. We were a little unsure at first but he was only asking where we were headed. So he gave us a ride all the way back down to Nacaome. While in the truck, he asked us why we didn't ask him for a ride. We told him that we didn't know that Police give rides. He then said, "Are you sure its not because of the stories you hear about the Police here in Honduras? Because I can assure you that every country has their bad cops and... " bla bla bla bla bla. He ended up being the Head of all of the police in the area and told us that we don't need to worry because his squad is working. We then told him who we were he started asking us questions about our missions and the church. After we talked a while about the church, we got to talking about his family. He said he has 3 sons and 2 daughters. He also had to mention that his 22 yr old daughter wants to marry a "gringo" and move to the United States. HA! I told him I can NOT help him out with that now or ever! The police here always carry around their big machine guns and when he dropped us off, I asked him if I could have a bullet from it and he popped out the magazine and gave me one. I was surprised that he actually did it, but then again we are in Honduras...
I have once again eaten something rare, Shocking! Right? We were at an investigadors house and he said he had killed a Garrovo with his slingshot and had cooked it up. A Garrovo is just like an Iguana, only more black and dark colored. We had some and it was really good, it tasted like chicken (no joke!) there was just a lot of bones in it. Yum!

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