Sunday, September 30, 2012

"What does SOFAMERICAN mean?" September 24, 2012

What does SOFAMERICA mean? It means that I have 10 months left (dollar bill count down)!! The time has gone by so fast, I can't believe that I have been in Honduras for over a year now. I have been reading my journal entry's that I wrote last year when I was in Sagastume and I can't believe that it has been a year since I was there. I love the mission so much, Its a ton of fun. We get to go out to search and talk to everyone about the gospel and help those that need. If we're on a bus or in a taxi we just start up a conversation about religion and we share our testimonies about the things that they need to hear. The main point that we always make is that Families can be together forever. Everyone has an interest in learning how this is possible and what they need to do to achieve this goal. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is more than just a "belief" as many people here say. We find people that believe that we just need to have Faith and we will be saved. Its true that Christ died for us to save us, but just to have faith in him will not save you. To progress in this world, our faith must have actions! There are inactives that we find that say, "Oh yeah I was baptized in your church so I'm ok" and just like that they think that they are "okay" with only baptism and faith. In the Gospel of Jesus Christ there are 5 necessary steps we need to LIVE. We first need to have FAITH in the Lord Jesus Christ. Second, we have to REPENT for our sins. Third, we have to be BAPTIZED by someone that has the authority to do so. Fourth, receive the HOLY GHOST or be confirmed (Acts 19:1-6). And the MOST IMPORTANT and maybe the MOST DIFFICULT to keep and follow is to ENDURE TO THE END. Enduring to the end includes going to church and being active, reading the scriptures and just living worthily to receive the blessings that Heavenly father has in store for us. We must always live the Gospel and follow the Commandments that God has given us if we wish to progress to reach salvation.

This week went by fast. We spent some time getting the wedding settled down for this weekend. We are planning to have the 2 families baptisms on Saturday. They are both really excited and love to tell others about it. The wife of one of the families is really awesome. She told us that the owner came over one day and started talking bad about us and saying things. The mom then started to bear her testimony about the church and how she knows this is all true. She also explained alot of misconceptions that the owner had and then invited her to church so that she could know the truth also. We are so excited for them as a family, they really are very intelligent and always look forward to our visits. They also want us to visit their older kids who have moved out and have their own families. We'll see how that goes!

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