This week went by really fast. On Tuesday the AP's planned with us to do divisions. It's a new program that President wants to start, so we went and did the companion trade off and came back to La Villa. I found out on the bus that this was Elder Moore's first time outside of the city on his mission. He has 15 months and has never even traveled outside of Tegucigalpa. Lets just say he was a little excited. We were on the bus and he was just looking out the window amazed at all of the fields and the Valley. We went and got him his first stick of sugar cane later that night. Our recent convert, Zoila, went and cut it down in her backyard and gave it to us.

We had ZL Council the next day, basically took up our whole day. Actually it did take the whole day, we had to stay in Tegucigalpa for the night with the office elders.

We finally made it back to La Villa on Thursday and we went to teach the girl that was going to be getting baptized. She is doing a lot better a understanding everything and prays. She was baptized last Saturday. She and her mom were really proud and happy that she chose to be baptized. Its been hard on the mom, she just moved here about a year ago after her husband passed. The family is doing strong now that they are going back to church.

We had a really cool experience yesterday. We had received 2 new family references this week from the District President. So we went out yesterday afternoon to contact and teach them. We went on a drive up in the hills to get to their house. Where they live is really flat and green and has a bunch of cows. When we showed up, they were really friendly and open to us. We talked for a bit and then the wife said, "So tell me about the church, whats the schedule? So when I go next week I wont be lost" we started talking about the church and explained the importance of family and the message that we bring. Just from listening to them talk before the lesson we could tell that family was important to them. They told us that as a family they say their prayers together in the morning and before they go to bed. At the end of the lesson you could feel the difference in the setting. The wife then told us that it was a huge coincidence that we showed up today because just the night before, the husband had said in his prayer "please send someone to our house to teach us more about the things of God and the plan he has for us." Coincidence? I think not. It was awesome me, the district president and my companion all looked at each other and all gave each other "the look" and knew that this family was ready and prepared to hear what we had to say.