Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Buenas tardes Señor" October 15, 2012

 This week was a nice normal week. We had Interviews to start it out. While we were walking to Ojo de Agua for the Interviews and it started pouring on us. By the time we made it to the church, we were soaked from head to toe. When I went to shake Presidents hand he came out and jumped a little, surprised how wet we were. He shook my hand and joking asked me why we didn't invite him to the pool party. I tried to give him a bid hug, but he didn't accept it.

Later this week we went and visited our converts the Familia Amaya. we taught them the lesson and to finish we asked Perlita to say the closing prayer. She is the youngest of the family and was a little timid about offering it, but she did it. When she began to offer it, she said something that I thought was very interesting and it surprised me. She started out saying, "Buenas tardes Señor..." and for awhile it sounded like she was just talking with God. I enjoyed hearing this prayer from this 8 year old because it helped me remember that prayers aren't just something that we say to do because its necessary. Sometimes we find ourselves falling into the same routine when we pray and maybe saying and asking for the same things every time. Also, it drew to my attention that when we pray, its not just something to do to bless the food, or to start church. Its in this time that we talk to God and ask for the things that we may need in that time and to openly, well, just talk.

I received a phone call this morning from the Elders in Nacaome. They informed me that one of my converts had died this past weekend and that she was going to be buried today. She was sitting on the back of a truck to go home and I don't know how, but she just fell off the back and she hit the road and died instantly. Its really sad, she was the mom that we baptized of a family of 12. Out of her 10 kids 4 are baptized. She was always so excited for our visits when I was there and she would make sure that we were coming when we said we would. I just cant believe it. So sad.

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