If I had to describe how this week went in one word... I think I would say WET!! The whole week was just pure rain. It would be hot and sunny in the afternoon and by the time its 3 oclock you can see the clouds rolling in from both sides. Just two huge grey walls of rain coming in. It was a good week though.

Last Sunday we had investigators show up to church all by themselves. We didn't know who they were so we went over afterwards and started talking to her. She told us that her name was Azucena, It turns out that she was a reference given to us by an inactive member! We received the reference Saturday afternoon and we never had the chance to go over to meet her. We put an cita with her so that we could pass by and talk to all of them. So we went over Tuesday morning and we started talking to her and her family, getting to know them and then the topic came up on why they all came to church on Sunday. The mom said that they had been to different churches and that she had stopped going to them a little while ago because she didn't feel the need to go since they were teaching the same thing over and over. She said that she then got to talking to her friend about our church and how the member was thankful for all of the standards and morals that they teach the youth. So that's what sparked her attention and desire. She also said that about 10 years ago, she saw the missionaries walking in the street inviting people to church. She said that they never passed by her house, but she could feel the need to go to "their" church and that something was different. We challenged the whole family and they are now working for their baptismal date for the 10th of November.

We were walking in the street later that day and after walking for about 3 min we realized that there was no one in the streets. We looked at each other and knew that there was a National Soccer game going on. You could hear it echoing in the street and people in their houses yelling "GOL!!!" We passed by a house and saw that Honduras was playing to qualify in the World Cup against Canada. I thought they were losing but later when the game ended everyone came out again and they were saying Honduras won 8-1. It was easier to teach people because they were all happy hahaha!