Sunday, March 10, 2013

"HIKING, not walking" March 4, 2013

This week has been really long and stressful. I cant believe that its finally all passed. As a Zone Leader, when something goes wrong, we get the blame and cant do anything about it. We had ZL Consejo and President got on us for the missions low baptisms. Well, our zone no, because we lead the mission in baptisms. But everyone was getting chewed out. The stressful part of the week was when we had to go and take out a ton of marriage papers!! Holy smokes, we were in the National Registro everyday asking for papers because the Zone's investigadors were all starting to progress. We have 3 papers to take out from the mountains in Concepcion de Maria... I'm done going though, its too far away. We are sending some Elders from the other zone to get them. We should be having about 4 Weddings and about 9 baptisms in the zone this weekend. I just hope that everything goes well.
I went out to Agua Caliente on Thursday. Its the area furthest away from everything in the mission. I could not believe that I was going out there, I had heard some weird rumors about this place I had to see if they were true or not. We go out there and its really out in the middle of no where, just as bad as Concepcion de Maria. We went out to work in a part of there area that was an hour away hiking. HIKING, not walking. We trekked for what seemed forever! We finally made it to this mountain side where there was no power, water system and no one had any cars or motorcycles. There are trucks that go up to deliver water and food to sell but that's about it. There were quite a few members there I was surprised. We spent the whole afternoon there and hiked back after teaching a couple families. We started to make our way back at about 7:39 and made it to the house at 8;50. The moon wasn't out, so it was really dark. We were good though, we had flashlights. I'm glad that I was able to survive Splits in Agua Caliente because I don't know if I will ever go back! We had to rough it. Just in this area though, they are having 3 weddings next week and 8 baptisms! The people there are ready for the Gospel!!

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