Friday, March 1, 2013

"Stress and Success" February 26, 2013

This last week was HHHOOOOTTTT!!! Holy cow, its just really humid and the sun is getting alot stronger. Just this week everyone has been saying that I am a lot darker. Choluteca does things to a man. For example: I get a nice tan, we get thin from the food, and we also get ingrown toenails.... oh yes, yesterday I had to go to Tegus to get my nail removed. I was freaking out a bit from some of the stories that I had heard. But we got there and the Mission had the doctor come to the Mission Office. I won't go into details to scare anybody, but it went well. They just numbed me up and then he took it out. He said that it was really sharp and that it must have been hurting, but really it wasn't bothering me that much. The only thing that really bothered me was the fact that I couldn't feel my toe while we were walking. Its the weirdest feeling ever.

Last week was a lot of stress and a lot of success. Our investigating family that has been walking to church (1hour walking) was baptized on Saturday. They were all happy that they were finally baptized.

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  1. I wonder what those Hondurans think about the size of Cole's feet!!!!!! Probably the biggest toe they've ever operated on!! Lil