We went to go get our haircut last Monday. Elder Dockendorf waited for me while I was getting my haircut and he started talking to the family that owns the shop. They start to talk to him about how red he is and how he needs to wear sun screen. They begin to ask him where is was from and he told them "from Utah". The all start to say, "ahhhh...jewtah, jewtah!" we just started busting up because they couldn't say Utah. So then they point at me and ask him, "He's dark, where is he from? He's from Mexico isn't he? No? California? Really?! But is his dad Mexican? Its just that you are really white and he is dark and has darker hair." I don't know why, but alot of people think that I'm from Mexico. Its not the first time that I've heard that. Thanks Dad for the semi Latin look!

On Friday we went to our cook lady's house to eat lunch. She told us that one of her parrots is sick and showed us. It just looked really sad and in pain. I looked at it's stomach and it was expanded like a balloon! So I started pushing on it to force whatever was in its stomach out. So it started to gag and then vomited all over my hand. I was fine at first, but then this horrible stench just came up and I started gaging also! It was, what looked like, a bunch of sour mango splatted on my hand and it reeked! The cook lady just laughed at me and said that I am "tremendo" and a "travieso". I'm glad that she got a good kick out of it. But now the bird is happy, alive and eating! They just call me the Birdman now.

Okay so as missionaries, there are a couple of movies that we like to show to our investigators called The Restoration. And this movie, I am sure, I have seen over 100 times so far. We were with a member that was giving us dinner and while we were waiting for it the husband goes over and says, "Elders, I've got this great movie that you guys should see. I guarantee that you have never seen it before, I love it." So he starts flipping through all of his movies and I lean over to Elder Dockendorf and say jokingly, "Watch, I bet you it'll be The Restoration! hahaha". A little after the member jumps in surprise "Ah haa! there it is!" and pulls out The Restoration. We played it nice and tried not to crush his dreams and let him put on this "Never before seen" movie for the missionaries.