Friday, April 5, 2013

"Semana Santa 2013" April 1, 2013

My pet iguana. I named him "GODZILLA"

Wow! Well, this week was Semana Santa or Spring Break. They try to make it a little more connected to the real purpose of Easter by calling it the Holy Week. There was absolutely no one in their houses from Thursday to Sunday. It's definitely on of the hardest weeks there is in Latin America for the missionaries. We had received a list of some of the people that went to the Open House in the Temple, so we went to contact them to see if they would be interested if we visited them. So we started out trying to find them but they were all out of town due to the Semana Santa swimming and taking a vacation and what not. We barely scrapped some old investigators up to teach this week. We have one that we are teaching that is basically a "dry member". She just has husband problems because all he does is drink and has no interest in any help at all. We tried to talk to him and he went and hid in his room. But I called him out and he came to get to know us. Little by little we are trying to teach him also.
On Sunday's we always get invited to eat dinner with a family in the ward. Last week they made us mini hamburgers (which was a first for me) then this week they made us steamed broccoli and chicken! It was the first time that I had eaten broccoli in Honduras. It was so good, I forgot how good it is to eat something besides lettuce or a mango salad. I was enjoying every bite! We got to talking afterwards with them and getting to know them more. The wife started to tell us about her teaching career in music. She started out studying and getting a major in Music (which is quite an accomplishment here). She told us that she applied to a University that was sponsored by a "Certain Religion". At the end of the interview, the headmaster of the university asked her what religion she was and she replied "I'm from the Church of Jesus Christ of Later day Saints" "oh? which is that?" "Oh, I'm a Mormon". The Headmaster got a stern look on her face and gave her back her portfolio and denied her because she was a member. The next person that went in for the interview was from a different religion and wasn't as qualified as the first and they hired her. I'm not saying that she was denied the job for being a member, but I just thought that it was an interesting story. The Member now works at an elementary school as the music teacher. She is in charge of singing nursery songs with the little kindergartners and she told us that she would sing "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" and "Popcorn popping". She said that she would have kids come up and tell her that they sing that in their churches and ask her if she is "Mormon" also. The member laughs and tells them that she is.

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