Friday, April 5, 2013

"Last area of my Mission" March 25, 2013

Yup, well, I am now officially in my last area of my Mission. Its really strange thinking about that. I feel completely stress free without the responsiblilidad of the ZL position. goodness gracious!! I am now in the Zone Danli and the Barrio of La Concepcion. My new comp is Elder de la Cruz de Mexico. Elder Dockendorf and I were sad because we had such little time together, only one transfer. He calls me every now and then to tell me how stressed he is and how he is jealous that I got bajar-ed. I was just walking around in our area and I just felt completely different. I was trying to figure out what it was and then I realized that I wasn't stressing or worrying about what the zone was doing or if everyone was working. It was just us, the Lord and all of our area to ourselves!

One of my other Mission buddies, Elder Sears (from Ventura, CA) was asked to be one of the new ZL's this transfer in Danli with me. Its his first time as ZL and he always calls me "the Veteran" because I had so much time (10 months) as ZL and he always asks me to help him out and answer all of his questions. Its strange to think that I am the oldest in the Zone...ahh man. We have a new guy named Elder Boe from Napa Valley, CA. This guy is huge!! He's 18 and just a big kid! He's having a little trouble understanding and speaking the language. He likes to hang out with us on P days because he is surrounded by Spanish the other 6 days. Hes a cool kid.

I thought president was going to put me in my last area to die in peace....but I'm back to being a DL.

I ate some fried turtle meat the other day. Its alright...I had a hard time eating it. Just the thought of it being a turtle psyched me out.

Interesting fact: This is the first time in my Mission that the Zone has been over run by Elders from California!! there are 5 of us.

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