Friday, April 26, 2013

"V is for Victory" April 22, 2013

This week was a huge success! We did exchanges with the ZL's so that they could get to know our investigators and help me out in the area. I went with Elder Sears from Ventura, California to go work in our area. We went and visited and worked on exchanges for 2 days with special permission. It was a long hard fight, but we walked the streets of La Concepcion with a V on our chests for VICTORY!! We now have 5 baptisms for the first week of May. It was good to actually know that we have the fruits of our labors after these long 5 weeks. We were the only ones in the zone that didn't have any baptisms, but that all changed!

We also had a Stake activity on Saturday. It was a tour of the Church put on by the Single Adults from the stake. They took in little groups in the waiting room and did a walk through of the Plan of Salvation. At the end of the tour, they had tables outside set up with all of the pamphlets of the Lessions that we give and also Books of Mormon. I was helping out, when all of a sudden they pulled me aside and asked me for some help. They said that they needed a "strong body" to help carry a woman around in the tour that didn't have legs. There were no wheelchairs, so I carried her in my arms the whole time. Holy Smokes! It tested my will to survive! I didn't think I would be able to do it, she was big. We finally made it all the way through and I sat her down in a chair and laid down outside on a bench. People were asking me what happened because my shirt was all wrinkled and untucked with my tie half way undone. I just smiled and said, "nothing, just doing my job" and continued with the tour.

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