Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 11, 2011

Mi Familia,
I received your cookies yesterday, thanks alot! there are so much in there, I took them up and shared with my district last night but i still have a ton left. I got some pictures developed onto a CD for you so i will try to send those to you. There are some pics that are random and you might think are weird but don't worry I'm not wasting anytime here! This last week has been pretty boring and nothing much has happened. One of my teachers left because she got a job at BYU as a counselor. We got a new one, she served in Spain and we are her first district that she has taught. We'll see how things go. People in Spain speak Spanish with a reeeeeaaalllly annoying lisp. instead of saying gracias, she says grathias. They use it on any soft "C's " or on any Z on Spanish words. Tell Kevin that I have TRC at 10 am every Wednesday. That would be awesome if I ran into him here and he could hear my awful Spanish ha ha. I have run into all of my friends/ roommates that are in the MTC right now. I see Daniel Fox and Nathan everywhere. and I also see my two roommates Kenyan and Tyler from somerset occasionally. Now we're waiting for Christian to come in. Tell Jack that I'm glad I got a letter from him and I'm glad that he's using his own bed still. He mentioned that there was more things wrong with the truck than dad thought? what happened? all he said was that dad was complaining about it, ha ha. Yeah 2 a days are tough but jack can do it.
I have been talking to my friend that's in Honduras Tegucigalpa, he's been sending me emails about it. He said that they have set a record in baptisms of 600? that's a ton. I don't know what the time span is but that's alot. Tell Chloe that I'm excited for her that she's going into 1st grade, she's going to be a big girl and play on the big kids playground now and be able to look at the map I painted for my Eagle Project and tell everyone her big brother painted that! Also tell Max that I think its cool that he's going into the Big Dogs class. Can you send me a picture in the mail of our family? I didn't pack one. And my friend Elder Lewis wants to see my truck, so could you find a good pic of that too please?  Thanks a ton mom, sorry nothing exciting hasn't happened this week. Keep any eye out for my CD I'm sending!
I miss and Love you guys.

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  1. I love reading Cole's letters!! Thanks for posting :)