Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 18, 2011

Hey family
Thanks for the package! Its nice not wearing the same 3 shirts to gym, p-day, and to do our service. The redvines were a hit with me and Elder Lewis, we were eating them all through our study and class time. It turns out that we are the only ones that love to munch on them. Every night he and I grab a hotpocket, cactus cooler and now our redvines and eat them in his room. Its been another uneventful week here at the MTC. I've been released from District Leader, they switch them every 3-4 weeks in our zone. My friend Elder Lewis is the new one. Yeah nothing new really, we had 16 Elders in our zone all sent out on Tuesday so its a lot more quiet and calm by the classes and in the residence halls.  I see Elder Fox around alot, we have class in the same building. Elder Despain left for Alabama on Tuesday so he's out in the field now. I'm now halfway through the MTC!
Mom- The redvines were awesome thanks! Keep the care packages coming!
Dad- Yes, I have received your 2 letters. thanks for them and the advice about investigators. I left my notes in my room, ill send you the names and positions of who has spoken at our devotionals and Firesides next week.
Jack- Hey congrats bro on getting called up to Varsity. keep on working hard and knock over/block anyone in your path. I've roughed you up, you can take anything they throw at you. If they look tough, they really aren't, just hit them harder. Look at everyone as if they were the same age as you and you wont be as nervous or intimidated by anyone. Do Work!
Chloe- Are you ready for 1st grade?! You'll have fun.
Max- I like your goggles big tuna! You look cool in them.
Zorro? - You are a knot head. If I were there I would beat you up and wrestle you if you brought those rats in my room.
Love Ya,

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