Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 4, 2011

Mi familia!
Everything is going good. Things seem to be progressively getting harder every week. One of my teachers is insaine! After every class with him I always get nervous and freak out a little. I think its just him trying teach us through scaring us. We'll see how that works. Thanks for sending the care package! Its nice to have my vans shoes back on. I pulled the homemade salsa and chips out and all of a sudden our room became the party room. We basically had the whole district in the room snacking on it. They only ate about half of it because they couldn't scoop any more out of the jar! Now I have to grab a bowl from the cafeteria to pour my salsa in so I can snack in peace. I'm having a good time, Ive made friends in my zone that live on the same floor. Its fun to actually have relaxing time at night because my days are really busy. The Spanish is coming in slowly but we are having it shoved down our throats. I can't wait to get out of here, I'm getting tired of the schedule here, Its really stressful. Also can you ask other people to write me? It really helps when I receive a letter after a long day of working and stressing on teaching lessons.
We had a meeting with an investigator and me and my companion went up to the door and he started saying how he forgot that we were meeting today etc. and then I talked to him for a bit and asked if we can come by at another time but he closed the door in our faces and that was it. We went back to the class and and I guess everyone else had gotten in and talked to him for a bit. My companion had to tell everyone that we didn't get in and that it was all my fault...I was upset because I had to do all the talking since all he had to say was, "uhhhh... umm uhhh " he was fumbling everywhere. Gosh, then to tell everyone it was my fault. The nerve. Its OK I held my composure and kept calm. I thought we did a good job on talking with the two volunteers that we had talked to.
Oh yeah an Elder in my district was playing soccer and he sprained his ankle. that was on Monday. then on Wednesday he decided that he could play volleyball and he jumped up to block my spike and he ended up twisting his other ankle. I felt bad... until he started trash talking about blocking me. I let him think he had the block, only because he was the one with a sprained ankle. Just something to help him recuperate faster. Alright well I have to go, tell Max and Chloe that I'm surprised that they touched the deep end and that its cool. And Jack: keep on bulking up and knocking everyone down!
hasta lluego!

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