Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 25, 2011

Bueñas Tardes!
This week has been alright, I've just been teaching a bunch of lessons this week to new "investigators". So far I have one that finally realized that she wanted to be baptized. So that's all that I can think of that's new. My time is coming up fast, its almost time to leave the MTC and get out into the field! I get nervous thinking about it, but also excited. Oh yeah, well I have had a bottle of cookies and cream milk sitting on my desk for about 6 days and when we walked into our room Sunday, we smelt something terrible. It was so bad that I started to gag a bit, and I never gag! To my surprise I found that the milk bottle had exploded out of the top of the bottle and slopped thick nasty old milk everywhere. On my desk, in one of my shoes and splatters on my bed. I looked up and there was a huge spot on the ceiling! It had built up so much pressure, it had blasted onto the ceiling. Of course everyone in the hallway had to come and see it. I cleaned it up that night, but it was disgusting. One of my roommates was in the bathroom almost throwing up, hahaha it was funny. I was laughing the whole time that I was cleaning it, but my roommates didn't think it was too funny. They kept on saying it was my fault, but I would politely decline and say it was the work of Science!! that's my story for the week.
Well family, I hope every things going good, thanks for the package. And thank you Chloe and Max for the pictures! Chloe; your picture is really good! your drawings are really good. Max; I like the picture, you really do look like a zombie. and I like the x-wing t-shirt and Luke with the huge light saber. They are both hanging up in my room by my desk.
Sorry that I don't have much to say. The Spanish is coming in fine, my teachers are both great. Devotionals and firesides are awesome. We're supposed to have someone from the first presidency or 12 come speak soon, so I'm excited about that. Gym is fun, I mostly play Volleyball. oh and Jacquie sent me a letter and said that you are doing a great job on keeping my Blog updated and that it looks good. Thanks Mom! I have to go, I'll write back next Thursday.


  1. Hooray for Jacquie!! and Lisa, you are doing a great job!! :)

  2. Haha I was laughing so hard at that cookies and cream milk story. sick!