Thursday, October 20, 2011

Challenge Accepted! October 17, 2011

This week we had a branch activity. Since we are a 'dependent branch' we usually have people from the ward in Buenas Aires come down. For the activity we went out in groups of two to go and have the members talk and get to know other less actives and investigators. I was paired up with a member from Buenas Aires, he was really cool. He had learned English from books his mom had brought home for him and his brother. So we went and taught one less active family and one of our current investigators. When we were coming out of their house, there was a woman and a little girl carrying wood. We went over and asked if they needed help, so we carried it down the road a bit and there were three more little girls carrying wood, all belonging to the woman. So I was loaded up with all of the wood. I thought they lived in Sagastume with us, but they ended up being the next Colonia over called Sausique. So we walked down the road and finally made it to town. We walked to the bottom of this huge hill at the foot of this mountain. Then we asked where they lived and she said, "Arriba". So we walked up this huge hill and finally we make it to the top of the hill. We were both so relieved that we had finally made it. Then we asked which house was her's. To our demise, she said, "¡Arriba!" and pointed to this house at the top of the mountain!!!... awesome, challenge accepted! So we hiked up there and dropped off the wood and headed back to Sagastume. What an insane work out!  Oh, and get this, we were talking to some members and they said that they were walking in the street in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and during a certain time of the year fish will fall from the sky! There were a couple of fish falling from the sky while they were there. It was hard to believe but they all said they witnessed it. Also, they celebrate Christmas at this time of year. Its weird going in and seeing Christmas decorations up already. It didn´t make sense to me at first but then I realized that they don't celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving.

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