Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My first Baptism! October 10, 2011

Me and my companion, Elder Ames with Heidy, Keidy, and Nelson,who were baptized and our Branch President, President Orsoto.

This is the "unofficial" Branch of Sagastume that came to the Baptism.

This is our transportation to the baptism. We had 25 people squeezed in this van!

This last Saturday I had my first baptismal service in Honduras! It was great, everyone was excited for the three that were being baptized. There were two girls, Heidi (14) and Keidi (13) and then a man by the name of Nelson (47). All three of them were excited to finally be baptized. The closest baptismal font we had was about 20 to 30 min away from Sagastume, so we had organize a way for all of the members and families in Sagastume to get there without paying to rent a bus. Well, when the time came, the bus ended up being a van with no seats in the back. We were all squished in the back of that thing and it was hot and we were driving on windy bumpy roads. That didn't go too well for me, I was car sick by the time we got there. But everyone was filled with good happy spirits which made it all worth it. I was talking to the two girls afterwards and they asked how old I was. I told them, How old do you think I am? and one said 24, and the other said 30!!  Seriously?
This week was a little bit interesting... well as you know, we go and eat at the Familia Osorto's house once a day when we have time. At least once a week she likes to surprise us with something different. Last week we had this really hot soup and as I was digging around eating the rice, I pulled up a chicken leg! Two of them! I didn't know whether to eat them or to set them on the table and let them run around! It was a mind game eating those things! It tasted like chicken skin, and you had to eat all of the meat off of them so she didn't get offended. I was eating the talons when one fell off in my mouth. Awesome. Afterwards, she asked why we were so read and sweaty, Well, only because it was burning hot outside and we just ate a hot bowl of soup that's why! The strange thing we ate this week was in another one of her soups, as shocking as it might be. We were eating the meat and things in it and we started to ask what they were because there were some strange shapes and textures. Okay, when in a foreign country and you are eating something with a strange texture its probably best not to ask what it is. It ended up being some intestines and guts from a chicken. The parts that we had asked about were the liver and the bladder. Yum! I usually just eat and apple for breakfast, that one meal of hers and a quart of jugo de Piña.
Just a little side note, yesterday I went to put on my pants and a gecko ran down my leg and out the bottom! It scared me a bit. Then right after that, I got in a fight... with a giant cockroach! It came out from behind the door. This thing was huge! It was about the size of my name tag. I went to smash it with my shoe and it jumped on to me and was running on my chest toward my head and I brushed it off and it started running at me from across the room... but it never made it to me, but it made it to the bottom of my shoe!
This is me and a member, Alejandro. He is the only member in his family. His mother and sister don't believe but his mom likes to read the LdM (Libro de Mormon) with him.
Alejandro challenged me to an arm wrestling competition. I am champion of my zone!

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  1. Oh my word!! The gecko-- I can handle that. But the COCKROACH!!!! Yuck!!