Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"General Conference" April 2, 2012

This week has gone by really fast mostly because of General Conference. Oh man, it was amazing! There was so many good talks given, it was hard to write them all down in my notes! Well first it was a little difficult to get the District President to let us watch it because he kept on telling us English Speakers that we need to watch it in Spanish and he didn't want to set up a room for us to watch it. He kept on saying, "We're going to need all 4 rooms because we are expecting over 500 people to come to all 4 sessions. HA! there aren't even that many members in the San Lorenzo District. I don't know why he thought that. but we finally got our little "bunker" settled in where we watched General Conference in English. The only thing that I was disappointed in this whole week was that the Satellite connection in San Lorenzo went down during the Priesthood Session, so we didn't get to see any of it. We called the other Areas in the South and they all were watching it. That night we (Elders) all slept in the Zone Leader's house because there wasn't transportation back to our areas at night. They had asked us that had hammocks to bring them so that we could have somewhere to sleep. It was a good thing I brought mine, or else I would have been sleeping on the ground!
One of our families that are investigating have finally decided to get married! The husband wants to change his life from drinking and going to Billiard Halls all night. It feels great when the Spirit witnesses to those that need help that we are here. He came to us and told us he is ready to stop everything and be with his family.

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