Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Semana Santa" April 9, 2012

Well, this week was definitely different. The Spring Break week down here is called the Semana Santa. Every single person took the week off. Sooo this meaning everywhere we could buy food to eat this week was closed. The despensa was open but we could only buy food that didn't have to be refrigerated or frozen because this week our refrigerator broke as well. It was the worst possible timing in the world for our fridge to break! Don't worry, we both are still living and found a "pulperia" (a house that people sell groceries, soda and water out of) right next to the house. During this week on Thursday every single person in Central America goes to the beach to "bathe" themselves and to spend the whole day there. So as we walked out of the house, we noticed this eerie silence as we walked the streets to contact. There was no one on the streets and no one in their houses.
In my 11 weeks here I have heard that it gets so hot that it looks like its snowing. Well, this week it finally got so hot, that when water would fall, it looked like little snowflakes falling. It was crazy looking, I wasn't sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me or not. I have also have had my hammock for 3 weeks now and I have slept in it every single night. Its so much more comfortable then a bed that I often think at nights how I can put a hammock up in my room in Bakersfield....just a heads up.
This week we had a date for this new family to get married and also baptized. The day before that we go to take out the papers to get them married, they get in a huge fight and she threatened him that he needs to move out and be separated. I can solemnly say that this is the sly work of the devil. This is the 4th family that I have worked with to get baptized and married and every time before they get married, they get it huge fights and talk about separating or dropping baptism in general. Its not a coincidence that this always happens! Satan is always attacking the family. Whether we know it or not, Satan is always trying to slowly work his way into the homes of many happy families to try and tear them apart through temptations. Why is it that Satan is always attacking the family? Its because families are a part of the plan of God to be married and live a happy life together as a family here on the earth and for all eternity. He is always throwing in the thought that we don't need to be married to have children or to start a family, but the truth is that we do! I know that the Family is a basic part of the Plan that God has for us and I know that through families, we can be more happy and get through life more easily.

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