This week went by really fast, mostly because we had a lot of meetings and things to do. This week, we had planned an Ataque de Zona (Zone Attack) on Yuscaran (one of the areas in the Zone). Two weeks ago, they didn't have anybody in church; no members, no investigators. So we planned this activity through out the District to get the other Branches and the other missionaries to go over on Saturday and visit and activate all of the members there in Yuscaran. President Hernández ended up coming down too. So Saturday we gathered up and President picked us up and took us over to Yuscaran. We had very little support from the other branches but we had our groups ready and we all went out to our assigned areas and worked up there. All of the visits we did really helped because they ended up having 22 people in church on Sunday.

On Sunday after church, we came in and I sat down at my desk. I went over to open the window and I saw this huge centipede crawling in through a crack underneath it. I whipped out my knife and I flung it into the middle of the room. That sucker was fast for being so long! I trapped it in a container and it was ugly looking. While I was looking at it, I realize that it was the same species that my uncle Shane had given to me when I was little (trapped in the amber). This thing had huge pincher jaws and was vicious! We decided to keep it in a jar and feed it the termites that fly in the room when it rains.

Well today is also my 20th Birthday (I'm sure you guys haven't forgotten) but it feels strange to think that Sunday was my last day as a teenager. Here in Honduras, they have a tradition for people's birthdays. All of your friends go out and buy the same amount of eggs as your age and try and smash them on your head during the day. So in church they announced that I was completing years on Monday (I guess they didn't have anything better to announce?) and so during the whole day, the youth planned on ways to get me. Many of them asked their Moms is they can have us over for dinner today and started asking where we live. So we now have a ton of citas (appointments) to eat today. I thought it was funny because we're actually really good friends with the priests quorum here and we play fútbol on Mondays and they were trying to be all secret about it. Lets just say if egg dodging was a sport, I'd be pro.

There is a little girl named Meilleli (pronounced: my-elly) who is a member here. I am absolutely shocked at how active this 8 year old girl is in church. Her mom is a member also, but she's nothing like her daughter. Meilleli is always the first one to church on and even better, she brings all of her older friends with her to church. I cannot describe her, she is just so full of the spirit and is sharing her testimony with people on her doorstep as she read El Libro de Mormón. She is always asking us for "homework" so she can read more every week. Her mom says that apart from her friends, she spends more time reading the Book of Mormon than she does on her studying. We taught her the importance of studying and getting an education and she was a little sad that she couldn't spend as much time as she wanted in reading. She is a huge example to everyone, even me. She is so bright eyed and ready to go to church and bring everyone with her. Her older sisters can't grasp the simplest concept we teach, but Meilleli picks right up on it and can answer any question first. I think us as members can learn things from children. The simplest things we can do, are the most important. For example, talking to our friends about the church, baring testimony to random strangers we meet, and having the guts to invite people to church with us to experience and feel the spirit in every meeting on Sundays. Every member a Missionary! Get to work! I forgot to write down all of my missionary work scriptures to share... next time.