Wow what a week! This week was filled with a bunch of boring ZL things
to do. We first had to clean up an old house here of some Elders that
were taken out. So we spent half a day doing that. We then set things
aside like the beds, closet, refrigerator and books that we wanted to
keep so we could come back with a truck and pick them up and take them
back to our house. We told the owner of the room that we were going to
go look for a pickup truck so please don't throw this stuff away! Well, we came
back 3 days later and we walked in with the keys and opened the door
and it looked like someone else was living there. We were stressing out
a little on where all of the mission property was. So we ran over and
asked the owner where the stuff was. She ended up having them saved.
We picked up some of the stuff and we noticed we were missing 2 beds,
the closet and a table. We went back to her house and found them all
hidden. She had taken the table and was using it in her backyard, the
closet was covered (hidden) by a blanket full of her clothes and the
beds were in the house in her kid's rooms. She told us that we didn't
have anything left and tried to sneak all of this stuff of ours! She
was claiming it was her stuff. Luckily it was all marked
"Misión Honduras Tegucigalpa" in permanent marker. This family was
well off, I couldn't understand why they would want more stuff.

On Thursday we had our first Taller de Zona (zone workshop) where the
Zone Leaders are in charge of teaching and getting everyone excited
about making the goals that they put for the month. I feel like my
class went really well. I felt like they were all excited to go out
and find new investigators and families (which that night, 3 of the
areas found new families!) and we talked as a Zone on what we could do
differently to make the goal. One Elder said pray everyday at 9
exactly in our own areas as a zone: I didn't like it. Next, someone
said lets fast every week for our investigators so they can have the
desire to progress. To my surprise, many of the missionaries including
my comp didn't want to do it and started laughing. That upset me, so I
stood up and got every ones attention. I asked them "Why not? That's an
excellent Idea." I basically got up and shaved everyone for not
wanting to fast once a week as a Zone. I basically called them a bunch
of weaklings and that they need to step up and do something hard and
sacrifice something if they were truly wanting to make the Zone goal
of 22 baptisms with 3 families this month. After sharing scriptures
and getting them all in agreement, we decided to do it. I bore
testimony of the power of Fasting. How we become one with the spirit
and work and teach better when we are in fast and how the Lord blesses
us for our sacrifice that we give when we fast.The flesh is weak, but
the spirit is willing. This Zone has been known for not having a lot
of baptisms and for being the "worst zone". I also told them that it
doesn't exist. That we will have success if we are obedient.

We took a hit as a zone. One of the Elders ate expired hot dogs and
drank water from the faucet. He's been really sick and has been in
Tegucigalpa with the doctors so they can try and diagnose him and get
him treated. Our mission president, President Hernández loves each and one of us and has
great power over the people here. He can do the impossible to help any
of us. Lets just say the Elder will be alright. He's just paying a bit
for his dumb choice.

One of our Investigators was in charge of a fundraiser on Saturday and
invited us to go and pass out pamphlets and "open the mouth" there. So
we went and talked to the whole colony there, it was amazing. We also
found 3 inactive families out there. Later at the fundraiser, they
pulled our a bull and wrapped 400 Limpiras ($30) inside a handkerchief
and tied it to the foot of a Bull! They had the bull tied to a rope in
the middle of a Soccer field and people went out and tried to untie
the 400 Limpiras from this bull. I'm shocked that nobody got hurt, but
mostly surprised that it was possible. Some guy finally got it off.

Impossible is just a reason for someone not to try.