This week was a busy week. Monday night I ended up getting caught in one of the birthday traps here. They had a pitcher of agua and threw it on me and had a handful of flour and got it on top of my head. They did a good job, they were outside and they screamed and said, "Snake!" so we ran out the door and they sprung it. Its okay though, they made us pizza and we watched a church movie called the Testiments as a Family Home Evening for them.

After a good time of celebrating Monday, we quickly got to work the next day. Wednesday, I went to Yuscaran to help them out with the investigators that were falling. I spent the day with Elder Miller. He's a funny guy, we laughed the whole time. While we were walking, we saw this huge 5 foot long snake slithering across the road and a car sped around the corner and squashed it! It was funny because it was coming right toward us and Elder Miller was freaking out, but then he busted out laughing. We were standing there talking to the other people that saw it and some lady grabbed a chicken and swung it around by its neck and killed it. It was the most random thing. I'm guessing they had a nice KFC dinner planned. So I spent the day in the mountain village of Yuscaran and did a lot of hiking. Elder Miller said when he described his new area to his family, he could only say, "Watch the movie Emperor's New Groove and you will understand where we are."

Then Saturday we had a baptism for 6 investigators we had found on my 1st week here in La Villa. The branch president told me that this was a new record for the branch in La Villa de San Francisco, 6 baptisms at once. We had quite a turnout at the service. The only problem that we had that I wish I could change was the water. It had been raining so this affects the water system here and the water gets all nasty brown/red muddy looking. They didnt care though, they were all just so happy to be baptized with their family. It was a great day.