This week was a hard week trying to look and find new investigators. This week we had Zone Conference on Tuesday, which took up our whole day in traveling and the conference took up the whole afternoon. We didn't have much time to work that day. The rest of the week, we spent contacting and teaching members. My favorite thing to do is to set appointments with members and teach them about the Missionary Work. There is one family in particular that I like to visit. Its a family of 5 (like ours) and the oldest son is serving in El Salvador. He is the first missionary in his family and his mom is so proud to have her son go on a mission. Listening to her makes me think about how much my family loves and talks about me and the example I am for all of them. I always teach the members and share my favorite scripture Alma 13:24 and talk to them about their friends and neighbors who they have talked about church with. I am proud to say that it worked! We received a contact of a new young couple who would like to listen to us and go to church. We went and visited with them with the member and they were really positive. They accepted our invitation to pray and to ask God if these things are true. We have a return appointment this week, I hope everything goes well.

This week, we also went out to a small pueblo called El Bufalo. Just the name itself called me out for a challenge! My companion Elder Furniss always talked about how far away it was and how small it was. He told me that only 50 people lived there. So he took me out there and we also brought a Libro de Mormon with us to try and plant out there as an extra challenge. We walked 35 min all the way down there and my comp was wrong...there were 20 people that lived there. It was a really interesting place. It had one street and everyone lived on this road. As soon as we stepped foot on the road, a little boy yelled out, "Mamí look! Look at the Mormon's!" and then everyone turned and looked at us. It was really erie... the only thing I could think of to say was,"Where?!" and start looking around and behind me. The lady started to laugh, I'm just glad that I could break the ice. We talked to her for a bit and it turned out that her family are members and one is a return missionary! We talked to them about the church and we gave them a Book of Mormon and they said that they would read it. I hope that little seed can grow as we let it plant its self and take root (Alma 32)

An interesting thing happened to us as we were contacting. We went up to the fence and we were talking to the people and we looked down and said, "hmm, that's weird whys the ground moving... ahhh ants!!" and we starting running around and dancing. There were huge, and I mean HUGE black ants all over the place and they bit harder than any bug has bitten me! I still have the marks on my leg. They were ridiculously big. It hurt the rest of the day but after a couple of days it left.