This week went by really fast. We had Transfers on Wednesday and we receive the calls the night before. So, we were sitting there waiting for the calls, when President Hernández started calling us (usually the AP's who call us for changes). Elder Furniss answered and when he got off the phone he looked at me and he had turned pale. I was laying in my hammock and I asked him what happened. All he said was, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you, I'm the new AP!" He was freaking out and pacing the room all night receiving calls of congratulations for him. He was so nervous to be the new assistant to President. So he was up all night packing and we didn't get to bed until 12. I had to wake up the next day at 3:40 so that I could take a shower before jumping on the bus. We had to be at the Mission home at 8am. We made it at 7:30 and we were able to meet the new missionaries that we received, there were quite a few. There is even an Elder from Brazil that had to go to the MTC to learn Spanish since his first language is Portuguese. He is now tri-lingual and knows English as well, it was interesting talking to him.

I received Elder Barrera from El Salvador. Hes a small 5'6 guy and he's funny. We joke alot but we have had the most success in these past 4 days than I have the past week and a half contacting! Its a complicated story, but I'll try to explain it. We had received complaints from some members asking why we haven't visited this teenager who has been to church for 6 weeks. We started to ask the leaders in our Branch leadership meeting if they knew who the girl was. There were a few that did. I then asked them why they never told us about this girl that has been visiting for 6 weeks. They all had tried to blame it on us for not asking them who it was. In our defense, we had asked 5 of the leaders who this girl was and they all told us that she was a member. Anyway, we finally found where she lives and her mom is a long lost inactive member. Now, this girls cousin, brother and aunt are going to be baptized this month! All because this girl had found the church through her little friends, the rest of her family are now coming to church.

Yesterday, we had a tropical storm hit us. We were walking and it started to pour, and I mean pour! We had gotten soaked while walking down the street to go to our appointment we had. It was a lot of fun because we had gotten so wet that we didn't care anymore. We were laughing and walking down the street while everyone else was huddled under roofs or in their houses looking at us like we were crazy (we partly were). When it starts to rain here everyone starts to run for a roof. Its like they are afraid that they will melt if the water touches them! When we showed up to our appointment, they started laughing because we were so wet. We took off our shoes and dumped about a gallon of water out of them and went inside to teach.