Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"I'm not complaining" December 17, 2012

Me with my Mission friend Elder Miller in front of the soon to be finished Temple

December is passing by way too fast! I can't believe that it is already the 17th! This week we had our mission Christmas party. It was good, each zone had to sing and then after everyone sang, we went to the temple. Oh yeah, we finally received an exact date for the temple open house! It will be opened to the public on February 8th until March 3rd. I'm excited that we finally have a firm date. So the rest of the time, we had free time to either watch a movie or go out to play sports. The down part was that we had to spend 6 hours that day in total travel time. Its soo hard to work in my area, we only get there in the afternoon because we have to go out to random pueblos to take out marriage papers for everyone. Its good that the zone is getting work in, I'm not complaining! I just like more of the teaching aspect. We are looking pretty good with our investigators. This week is going to be hard to get work in also because we have our 3rd comp going home on Change Day. So I have to go up to Tegus with him on Wednesday night for his Farewell Dinner with President while E. Ruiz stays with the Elders who have Transfers and to organize the transport for everyone. At least I'll be getting a homemade dinner that night!

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