Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Problem solved" January 28, 2013

First time I've driven a car in 18 months!
When there is no water in the church on the day of a baptism, we use the back up plan!
This week we once again got robbed a couple of days of working. We had Interviews with President on Wednesday and Thursday. Interviews took forever! We are one of the biggest zones in the mission with 22 missionaries. After my interview, my companion and I went to go do house checks with Hermana Hernandez. When we walked up to the car, she asked me, "Elder Harding, do you have your drivers license?" I immediately knew what that meant... I was going to drive!! We got in and we went out to check our a couple of the houses that were close by and called it a night. It was so nice to drive again after 18months, it was like a dream come true!

We also had a baptism this weekend. We went to go to fill up the baptismal font and to our surprise, there was no water in the church. We were a little worried, but we called our ward mission leader and he called in some guys that sell water. So the truck came and they connected a huge hose all the way through the building into the font. It was a first for me. I was afraid that the water would be dirty, but it was clean. Problem solved!

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