Friday, January 25, 2013

"6 months to beauty" January 21, 2013

Well its official... I am starting my "6 months to beauty" work out plan!!

As you can tell, I have taken off the skirt and I am finishing my mission as an Elder (because the sisters only serve 18months). Its been a great 18 months and I am looking forward to all of the work that I have left to do here. Its going to get busy!

This week was really busy. I went with an Elder in the zone to Tegus so that he could get some dental work done. That ate up Tue and Wed. We were able to go eat real food at least! We then had splits on Thursday to help out an area in the zone and I was able to stay and work in our area with Elder Stone. He's a cool guy, he came in the transfer after me. We were busy the whole day running around from appointment to appointment. We were able to contact a referral with the member that gave it to us. They look really positive. Its a mom that lives with her kids and they make tortillas literally every day. Its nuts how much they make. They live right in the middle of 2 different churches. Like, literally their neighbors on both sides are different churches. When we passed by, the mom told us that she has been wanting to go to our church for a long time because she likes the standards that it teaches. So she is really excited to go with her member friend now.

We had a wedding we set up and baptism on Saturday. Everything went fine thank goodness.

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