Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Priesthood blessing of comfort" December 31, 2012

This week was great! It was awesome to hear from you guys on Christmas. The next day, I went on divisions to Los Llanos with Elder Glassett. They had asked us for help with some of their investigadors, so we visited them to see how they were. We first went to a family they were teaching. Elder Glassett had said that the mom really likes to examine what she reads and has a lot of questions. I was excited for that, someone who was reading el Libro de Mormòn and having questions about it. She and the kids had read 3rd Nephi 11 and right after I introduced myself she began with her questions. She was really serious at first and I felt like she was feeling a little contentious. After we answered her questions and began to talk to her more she opened up and was smiling and joking around with us. It was a huge difference! It wasn't until we opened up first that she saw that she could trust us and that we weren't just pure "preachers" and that we were concerned for her and her family. We had a great time with them and they all decided that they wanted to be baptized this month. The mom had a few doubts because she was baptized in a different church, but we explained the difference and how it was okay. We later went to the house of members where their mom wasn't a member. We entered their house and we began to talk to her and I introduced myself. Elder Glassett had told me beforehand that she was really shy, doesn't talk much and that she thinks before she answers. So the plan was to read chapter 10 with her and explain it. But after we read verses 1-6 I strongly felt that we shouldn't read the whole chapter and that we needed to just talk to her. So when she went to take care of her grandson, I told E. Glassett the plan and he said it was alright. So I started us off and just began to talk about verses 3-5 and how God answers our prayers and reveals to us the truth in this life through the Holy Spirit and I began to explain the fruits of the Spirit and how we can recognize our answers. She had told us that she had never felt like she has ever received an answer to her prayer. I then asked her if she has ever felt the prompting of the Spirit to do something and she said no. Then her daughter (recent convert) cuts in and says, "Mom that's not necessarily true. Do you remember when you came to us one day and asked us to pray for you?" We waited for a moment and you can tell that it was sinking in and that she was a little confused on what she was feeling. So we asked her what she was feeling in this time and she said that she has felt a little depressed lately. We continued on to talk to her and try to find out why she was feeling like this so that we could help her,but she didn't know why. We ran out of things to say to her so we sat thinking for a bit. Then I remembered something that Dad told me the day before "Don't be afraid to use your Priesthood. You have it to help you in dangerous situations and to help others..." So then we offered her if she would like a Priesthood Blessing of comfort. E. Glassett gave her a beautiful blessing and we left shortly after. Her daughter was happy that we passed by and said that she was going to talk to her. E. Glassett then made me a delicious dinner of rice and beans and an egg.

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