Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Screeching and Squawking" January 7, 2013

This week was ZL Consejo week, so that meant that we would be spending a couple days for that. I've got to tell you about the bus ride experience I had.......

So, we get catch the bus from Choluteca to Tegucigalpa and when I get on I saw that the 2 people in front of me had their pets with them: one with her chicken and the other with her green parrot. I knew from personal experiences with chickens and parrots that this wasn't going to turn out well. So we get going and after about 30min the chicken starts to squawk and make noise. The parrot didn't like that, and I could see it was a little annoyed so it started screeching and squawking for no reason. This continued for a good while. The parrot was restless of this chicken and eventually a huge fight broke out and I just sat back in my seat and stared at the ceiling thinking, "Why in the world would you sit next to a chicken when you have a parrot? Don't these people know better?!" So that was the beginning of a long bus right to Tegus.

We had an alright weekend, we're looking for more people to teach and trying to contact referrals. Yep, so that's about as exciting as my week got besides eating good food with President in the Consejo we had! No luck yet, but we're getting there.

6 more fast Sundays!!

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