Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Evangelio de Jesucristo" January 9, 2012

This is one of my mission friends, Elder Cuque. He is from Guatemala and is the shortest elder here. When we go on divisions together we are a funny pair...The shortest and tallest missionary walking together on the streets!

This week I feel like not a whole lot happened. But the truth is, ALOT happened. We went to a further part of my Area called La Alta Villa and Reina Nacer. In Reina Nacer, we finally found a complete family this week! Usually its either only the husband or the wife home, but we found the whole family there. We taught them a little bit about the Evangelio de Jesucristo and we set a return cita. Then we went to La Alta Villa and we found a house that had 3 other families inside and we taught them and made another cita to come back. We were on our way back yesterday and we passed by the first family and said "hi", and made our way to La Alta Villa for our cita there (But what we didn't see was that the Iglesia Pentecostes was there with the family and saw us talk to them and swooped in to talk to them and spread nonsense about us.) So we finally arrived and taught a beautiful lesson on the Restoration of Christ's Church and all three of the families were still interested and one even said,"No hay una duda que este es la Iglesia de Jesucristo" So we'll see how they progress! As we went to return back to the family in Reina Nacer, we definitely noticed the difference in the family. They weren't as welcoming and they told us that our religions are different and were too different and they didn't want anything. That was a bunch of nonsense, I don't know why, but the churches here don't like us. They always ignore us and think that we're bad people. We ended the night well with dinner in the Mission Presidents house! His wife, Hermana Hernèndez, invited us to dinner. We also had ice cream! We were talking all night and he asked us if we wanted to stay the night in the Mission Home. So we stayed the night with 2 other missionaries and had a good night.

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