Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Standing Firm" January 23, 2012

Moments before the demise of our beloved "Semita"

These are some of the local kids here in Colonia Sagastume.

This is the Church building in Sagastume.

This is a semita. Its a sweet roll. We eat them for breakfast. They are usually small. This is a giant one that happens to be the same size as my head! And Yes, I shared.

This week has gone by pretty well. Last Monday, we went and rented a turf fùtbol field and played against each other in the zone. It was a ton of fun, I don't remember having so much fun playing fùbol before either. Our team dominated the zone once again. I was goaly and also moved up the midfield and I even scored a couple times. This week was mostly a busy one, we had a bunch of baptismal interviews to do for our district. That took two days out of our week doing that. Then we had meetings and other goal planning with the branch here. These past couple of weeks I've been cooking for myself because we were getting over charged and for other reasons. So for lunches and dinners I've been eating spaghetti, burgers, salad, apples, mac&cheese and baleadas. We've been eating so much better now, and its even cheaper.  All my cooking skills that I have learned all come from Mom & Dad. This past Friday I completed 6 months in the mission! I've learned so much from just these past couple of months that I'm afraid of what more I could possibly learn. Also this week, my companion and I stood up and contacted the bus down to Centro. The bus I talked to had 41 people in it, and Elder Belnap's had 48. It was a great experience to get up and bear testimony of the church and to stand there firm in my beliefs. Everyone was looking at me too! Holy cow, all 82 eyes couldn't believe that a giant "gringo", who cant even fit in the bus, was standing up and speaking Spanish. It was an awesome time. Today for P-Day, we went and saw the Temple again, but this time Angel Moroni was on top of the steeple. The progression is coming along nicely.

The work on the Temple is coming along. On this visit, the Angel Moroni was on top!

Pointing to my area, Sagastume. It's in the furthest mountain on the left.

Zona Tegucigalpa.

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  1. SIX MONTHS?!?!?! I can hardly believe it's been that long. The temple looks awesome!