Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"The Good Day" December 28, 2011

Mission Christmas Party with me and some of my mission friends.

Me with one of my Zone Leaders, Elder Gardner

This week went by really fast! First, we had P-Day Monday, Then Tuesday was the only full day that we had to actually do work in our area. Next on Wednesday, we had to go and do baptismal interviews for the Hermanas in our district. So we spent almost the full day there because they had one scheduled for 10 am and the other at 7 pm. So we worked in their area and they have all of the nice rich people houses. It was hard! We had to push the buzzer and then they would talk to us through the box and watch us with the cameras they had outside. No one would talk, they would always cut in and say "I'm Catholic" and stop. We went to do an interview and I waited outside, but during this time their kids had been playing in the river by their house and found a bag of gun powder floating down the river! So they brought it up and poured it in a line like the cartoons and lit it. This place is crazy! Thursday, we had the mission Christmas party. We watched A Christmas Carol, the new one with Jim Carrey, and then ate lunch made by a professional chef and after played volleyball. Friday we had our District Meeting and then another Baptismal Interview for the Elders in our District. Now to Saturday the 24th... they call this day "The Good Day". The reason for this, is because they celebrate Christmas this day. So all day, at every appointment we had we were either eating Torejas (french toast with tres leches sauce on it) or Tamales (these tamales are huge, not like the ones we know). So in total by the end of the night my companion and I were stuffed. We had 6 Tamales each and 6 Torejas in the morning. We were full and ready for a goodnight sleep...but wait! They also like to light big fire crackers and bombs off at midnight to celebrate some more. So we were woken up by all of the explosions right outside our window. We finally made it to Christmas morning Sunday and went to church and opened up our gifts from our parents. It was great. After lunch, I was able to call home and talk to my family and that made it a great Christmas for me.

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