Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Valle de Angeles" January 2, 2012

Valle de Angeles, this is a hole that is cut in the side of a mountain.

Pathway through the jungle to the waterfalls in Valle de Angeles.

My companion, Elder Belnap and I in the middle of a jungle river.

The waterfall at the end of the trail.

I made it!

Me posing under the waterfall.

Drinking delicious vitamin water (not really, just kidding mom!)

Some of my fellow hikers, Elder Martinson(top), Elder Hall (middle), Elder Quevedo(right).

This week went by fast, I don't really remember much that happened. With New Years Eve being this weekend, alot of people had us over for food again. Saturday morning my companion woke up and we were eating breakfast and he asked me how my sleep was. I replied, "It was good". He then said, "That's good, cause I couldn't get much sleep... because you were sleep talking to me all night!" I started busting up laughing. He also said, "You wouldn't stop talking to yourself, you were asking me things in Spanish and worse of all, you were singing in English!" It was a funny morning, I'm just happy that I can now sleep talk in Spanish too. Today for P-Day we went up to a town called Valle de Angeles. We had planned as a Zone to go hike up to the waterfalls a little ways outside of town. It was a beautiful drive up there, there were pine trees everywhere, it felt like I was back in the states driving in the mountains. We arrived, changed, and headed up there. It was a really cool hike, we walked through the jungle a bit and took pictures along the way. We finally made it there and we relaxed and made our way closer towards the waterfall and took pictures and enjoyed the scenery. It was a ton of fun, we then came back down and walked around the town for a bit (Valle de Angeles is famous for being a tourist attraction). They sell alot of hammocks, shirts, sweatshirts, elaborate carved wooden chests, and paintings all done by hand.

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